Do I have to register at St. Basil’s?

As a student, it is not necessary to register to attend St. Basil’s.  That said, some students choose to register because St. Basil’s has become their spiritual home.  Should you wish to do so, registration forms are in the vestibule of the church along the wall with other flyers.

I am not a USMC student, can I still participate in St. Basil’s activities and Masses?

Of course!

I am not Catholic, can I attend St. Basil’s?

Certainly!  We have lots of students and people in the community who choose to simply sit in the church in the quiet stillness.  Should you wish to do this, or attend any event, know that everyone is welcome.And if you are not sure what is going on, then just ask somebody else and we have no doubt you will feel comfortable in no time.

I’m Catholic, but it’s been a while…

First of all, we are glad you are giving your faith a second look.  Know that there is no judgement here – all you really have to do is simply show up.  You would be amazed about how many people come here for the first time in a long time.Coming back is really as simple as coming back to Mass.If you want to talk to Fr. Morgan, you are most welcome to do so by dropping by or scheduling an appointment at 416-926-7110 or [email protected] Either way, we look forward to seeing you when you are ready.


Fr. Morgan

I have lived on a lot of university campuses; and thankfully my own university experience is still within my memory’s vivid recollection. So, I get it, and there is no need for anyone to be worried about talking to a priest. Actually, I really enjoy the chance to hear the stories of others. So drop by the parish office or see me in the church after Mass or in the confessional. I also live on campus, so I am not too hard to find.

Until then, remember that your faith is first about how you belong – the belief part comes with a little more time.

Director of Community Engagement

Michael Pirri

The best part of my job is meeting new people and hearing their stories. We all have special gifts that help make up who we are as individuals; it’s my job to help you find a way to nurture and explore these gifts.

Exploring our groups & ministries can be a bit overwhelming — if you’re curious about finding your place here, come chat with me to figure out what’s right for you.

Director of Music and Principal Organist

Dr. John Paul Farahat

Questions about music ministry? Interested in joining one of the choirs? Thinking about picking up music lessons again?

I can help with that.

Between Saint Basil’s and the Faculty of Music, I’m generally around to chat or to grab a coffee if you think that music might be the thing for you.