So you’ve been asked to serve as a Sponsor…

Some people feel too nervous, or unprepared to serve as a Sponsor. They may feel as though they are not a “good enough” role model or knowledgeable about the Catholic tradition.

Technically, all baptized Catholics are called to journey with catechumens and candidates preparing for full communion. A Sponsor is simply one who goes above and beyond by choosing to live out this calling in relationship with others in their ordinary lives as a member of the laity. We’re not asking that you be an academic theologian, but that you open your heart and mind to building a very serious relationship with yourself and your catechumen/candidate as well as with the church and God. Although you will put in a lot of effort attending sessions and meeting with your catechumen/candidate, rest assured that the Holy Spirit is overseeing all of your interactions by infusing the entire process with grace!

You do not need to have all the answers or know the perfect thing to say when questions or doubts arise from your catechumen/candidate. Just reassure your catechumen/candidate that you are committed to the journey, that you are willing to risk your own vulnerability in sharing your personal story and beliefs; let your catechumen/candidate know that your spiritual and faith development is ongoing but that you are willing to invest time and energy into clarifying confusing content or ensuring that they are ready for the next stage of the catechumenate.

As a Sponsor, declare an openness to be graced by the experience, to share your own personal charisms, as well as the gifts received through genuine, deep encounter with the other.

The best Sponsors are those who reveal a profound availability to express an authentic spirit of Christian hospitality to those a crucial stage in their understanding of and relationship with God. Remember, you have a vital role in inaugurating others as Christian disciples.

Do not be intimidated by the prospect of serving as a Sponsor! You have the prayers and support of our parish community. Please know that you can always reach out to any member of our pastoral team or our parish Pastor if you need a companion, guide, or listening ear yourself.

A Sponsor’s Checklist:

  • Regularly attend weekly catechetical sessions with your catechumen/candidate.
  • Attend special liturgical rites held on Sundays at St. Basil’s Parish.
  • Stand next to your catechumen/candidate when they receive the Sacraments during the Easter Vigil
  • Meet with your catechumen/candidate regularly outside of our weekly sessions. Discuss material covered “in class” or engage on a more personal level by sharing a meal together or a cup of coffee.
  • Pray for your catechumen/candidate.