The pastoral staff at St. Basil’s wishes to work in collaboration with photographers and videographers in helping couples realize their wedding liturgy. To achieve this common goal, we have outlined some guidelines:

At the start of the celebration the Presider will instruct the guests that they are to abstain from taking photographs. This directive will allow you to work, without any hindrances from guests.

To avoid distractions to the bride and the groom, the presider and guests, we ask that no additional lighting or flash photography be used in the church. St. Basil’s architecture and lightening will allow for beautiful photographs without the addition.

Generally, you are welcomed to move freely throughout the church, keeping the following in mind:

  • Main Isle: You may use the main isle to capture the entrance procession, recessional and Rite of Marriage. For all other moments, we ask that you use the side isles, keeping in mind not to obstruct the view of guests.
  • Sanctuary (altar area): To maintain the dignity of this space we ask that you do not enter the sanctuary. All pictures are to be taken outside this space.
  • Organ loft: For security purposes, the organ loft is restricted to those animating the music for the liturgy.

Lastly, we ask that no pictures be taken of the bride and groom or guests during Communion.

In the case that it may be helpful to you, you are welcomed to plug in any microphones and/or sound recording devices into our audio system.

Should you have any questions our Wedding Liturgy Coordinator at [email protected].