Remain in my love. . . I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete. . . Love one another as I have loved you.  (John 12:9-11)

weddingWhat is a Catholic Marriage?

A Catholic marriage is a sacramental bond when it is contracted between a baptized man and a baptized woman, one or both of whom is Catholic. A Catholic marriage is simply a bond when contracted between a Catholic and a non-baptized person.

A Catholic marriage is a covenant, implying that a relationship to God, through Jesus Christ, exists with and between both husband and wife. A Catholic marriage is ordinarily witnessed by a deacon, a priest, or a bishop, and two other witnesses.

A civil marriage does not imply this relationship to God and is simply a contract. A Justice of the Peace witnesses a civil marriage. Whether Catholic or civil, an Ontario marriage license must be obtained from the government prior to the wedding.

Basic Requirements

If you are an engaged couple and are thinking of getting married at St. Basil’s, you must contact a priest at St. Basil’s at least one year before the your wedding date for marriage preparation. Please note that we require that these two criteria be satisfied:

  • At least one of you must be Catholic.
  • You should live in the immediate area, or have a previous connection to the parish or the University. The map below outlines our parish boundaries.

To make an appointment please complete the following form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have just found St. Basil’s, can I be married here?

A: The process begins by completing the above Marriage Inquiry form. Afterwards, a member of the parish staff will reach out to you to discuss your desire to marry at St. Basil’s and will explain the next steps.

Q: How much time does it take to be prepared for marriage?

A: Diocesan policy requires that you start the process at least one year before the wedding date. We also ask that one of you register as a parishioner at the parish office.

Q: How do I get started to prepare for a wedding at St. Basil’s?

A: The process begins with an initial meeting with a our Director of Family Ministries, Marilena. To schedule this meeting, please call the parish office at 416-926-7110 or fill out the form above. After the initial meeting, you will meet with the Pastor.

Q: What information do I need to present when I meet with the priest?

A: At least one or both of you must be a baptized Catholic. When you meet with the priest, it is helpful to bring a copy of one or both baptism certificates. All other materials required will be given to you when you meet with the priest.

Q: I attended St. Basil’s as a student, but live away now. Can I come back St. Basil’s to be married?

A: As each case is different, it is best to call the office. If possible, it is always good when former students come back to celebrate their life with us.

Q: What does the marriage preparation process look like?

A: Each couple has a different set of needs so your preparation will be tailored to you. However, basic requirements include one to two meetings with the priest; a formal marriage preparation program (a few options will be discussed in your initial meeting); a meeting to plan the music for your wedding; and finally, a meeting with a parish wedding coordinator.

Q: What if I am divorced, or already married outside the church, but now want to be married in the Church?

A: We are happy to help. The best thing to do is schedule an appointment with the priest as every case is different.

Basic Marriage Preparation at St. Basil’s

Marriage preparation consists of:

  • An initial meeting and interview with a priest before the wedding date is set.
  • Each baptized person must provide a copy, that is no more than six months old, of their baptismal certificate with all notations.
  • Completion of the marriage preparation program.

Your Wedding coordinator will work with you on:

  • The wedding liturgy preparation.
  • The rehearsal shortly before the wedding date.