The Contemplative Women of St. Anne was founded in the Archdiocese of Toronto (at St. Basil’s Church) in 2012 to provide for study, prayer, growth and support for women who desire, or are already practicing, lives of contemplative prayer.

The community guides and upholds individual discernment, while exploring and sharing the wisdom of women saints and doctors of the Church. We concentrate our studies within the feminine mystical tradition of the Church, enriching the essential experience of silence.

The spiritual core of the vocation is to learn the stages and degrees of attentive love for and with Jesus, in order to purify and open the heart and will to God alone. It is an interior path.

A contemplative woman of St. Anne desires deep intimacy with the heart of Jesus and complete surrender to God.   In the past such desire was fulfilled by entering the cloister or monastery and taking vows as a religious.

Not able to follow a traditional religious life, a contemplative woman of St. Anne is nonetheless a religious woman and welcomes a way to commit herself within her own living reality as single or married.

The Contemplative Women of St. Anne community offers spiritual companionship, prayerful encounter and dedicated learning, while addressing the challenges of being contemplative in the modern world.

We exist as a community of lay women contemplatives that offers mutual support for deepening contemplative prayer in an ongoing process to interior unity with the heart of Jesus. We do this by studying the wisdom of women saints and mystics and by the practice of creative arts (in line with women’s monastic tradition). We offer prayer for each other’s intentions, the Church and the needs of the world.  We are carriers of contemplative love in solitude as well as in the company of others.

We meet at St. Basil’s once a month (on Sunday afternoons) for 2.5 hours and every two weeks for an hour of “Common Prayer.” Members are Catholic women who naturally have a contemplative disposition and desire community to share and to grow. To become a full member requires 3 stages of discernment and formation. We anticipate welcoming new interested members in January 2021.

Anne-Marie Tedesco is the contact person and may be reached through the parish office at [email protected] or 416-926-7110.