Magdala is a conciliary (a place to gather and listen to God’s word from the lips of God’s people). Its mission is to foster, promote and share feminine sanctity and wisdom through the love of Jesus Christ.

Magdala Conciliary is formed in response to Pope Francis’ invitation –

1.  to develop a profound theology of women,

2.  to interpret and understand the feminine dimension of the Church,

3.  to advance participation of women in all levels of Church and society.

Magdala Conciliary offers discussion, education, relationship and community. Meeting once a month, subjects and themes to be shared include awareness and knowledge of feminine principles, influences from scripture and culture, defining feminine genius and natural/spiritual maternity.

Future subjects will explore feminine virtues and the wisdom and work of female saints along with participants’ individual life and faith experiences.

Magdala Conciliary was originally formed as a Toronto-based initiative for complementing and contributing to a series of seminars which took place in 2016-2018 in Rome entitled Towards an Intrinsic Feminine Theology. The Conciliary has since expanded and a satellite organization in Italy, The Magdala Colloquy, was formed in 2020.

Magdala Conciliary offers a place for women and men in the Church to recognize and embrace who they are in God.

Now in Session. . .


In keeping with our parish’s Magdala conciliary (formed in response to Pope Francis’ invitation to explore the feminine dimension of the Church) you are invited to participate in a series of seminars based on the first four issues of the With One Accord Journal. More information on the journal can be found on