First Sunday of Advent

KEEP AWAKE By Lucinda M. Vardey Advent with its short, dark days, is a period for preparation. While Christmas tunes are piped through the malls, and gifts are being bought and wrapped, it takes discipline to focus on what we are really preparing for.   Baking seasonal cookies

Solemnity of Christ the King

KINGSHIP OF MERCY by John Dalla Costa Many of us bemoan the state of leadership. Financial crisis, political gridlock, and scandals in senates, and at city halls, have generated tsunamis of cynicism. With political divisions festering, we find ourselves more divided at the very moment when shared

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

END OF A SEASON By Maria Di Paolo The cold weather reminds us of the coming of winter: the leaves have fallen, plants have died down, birds have flown south to warmer climates and other creatures have gone into hibernation until the spring.  The last weeks have

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

TRANSFORMATIVE COMMUNITY By Fr. Chris Valka, CSB Our readings this week remind us that who we are now, is not who we will be.  The present age is as difficult for us as it was for our ancestors.  And though persecution is not what it used to

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

FROM WHAT DO WE NEED SAVING? By Emily VanBerkum (Student at the Faculty of Theology) This week’s gospel reading is about Jesus’ gift of salvation. During Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, he stops briefly in Jericho and encounters Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector, sitting in a sycamore tree.

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A FEW WORDS By Lucinda M. Vardey (Parishioner, Contemplative Women of St. Anne) As in most of Jesus’ parables, it takes only a few words to make a number of points. The self-confident Pharisee, standing in formal piety, was separated in his thoughts and prayer from not

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

ON HOLY GROUND, TOGETHER By John Dalla Costa (Parishioner) If we seek a sign for stewardship, or desire scriptural guidance for participative ministry, we can’t do better than with today’s first reading from Exodus. With outstretched arms Moses transmits God’s grace to Israel. Yet at this moment

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

MERCY AND GRATITUDE By Maria di Paolo This weekend the readings are about healing and purification.  How is God’s mercy and forgiveness manifest?  What are our reactions on receiving this amazing grace? Namaan, a Syrian general and an enemy of Israel, has a bothersome skin condition.  He hears,

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

WHAT WE BELIEVE By Fr. Ken Decker, CSB A number of parents have come to St. Basil’s these last few months asking to have their children baptized.  At the other end of the spectrum quite a few adults, including several teen-agers, have come with the same request