Commemoration of All Souls

WHAT WE CANNOT SEE  By Fr. Chris Valka, CSB As an early teenager, I took on my first real job at a cemetery near to my house. The funeral home was owned and operated by family friends who were also parishioners at the church. While I admit

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

THREE-WAY EMBRACE By:  Lucinda M. Vardey As Christians we are inclined to believe that loving God and our neighbour is to do something for another, or a number of things for a number of people. Yet, if we reflect on Jesus’ words in today’s gospel there is

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

HOLY AS WHOLLY By John Dalla Costa Many of us live fissured lives. Even while aching for faith’s consolations, we often undertake everyday studies or work as if what we do is separate from whom we are. Laura Nash and Scotty McLennan examined this split in their

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A COMPANION TO ST. MICHAEL’S By Fr. Chris Valka, CSB This Monday, the Church celebrates St. Michael and the Archangels; and since Michael is the patron of both this Archdiocese and our University, it is a great celebration indeed. Given that Michael is the patron of the University

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

EXPECTATIONS By Louella D'Souza “God will not open the doors of heaven to everyone, only Christians will be saved.” A few years ago, a friend and I started to have a cordial discussion about the parable of ‘The Prodigal Son’. As we exchanged views, it quickly escalated

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

GROWING IN LOVE By Lucinda M. Vardey Today's readings embellish a vital aspect to Jesus' two commandments of loving God and neighbour as oneself. Love is a deepening process: beginning with childlike reliance on God as parent, growing into expressing love of God through service to others,

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

"SEEING THINGS WHOLE" by John Dalla Costa One of the qualities which drew people to Jesus, and which so threatened others, was his double vision. Where others saw lepers, Jesus saw persons. Where others saw a blind man, Jesus saw one who could see the truth. Where

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

LEARNING TO WALK ON WATER If you had been in Peter’s position, would you have walked out on the water to meet Jesus? Each Disciple struggled in his own way to “follow”. Jesus didn’t just demand a maybe-someday, half-hearted kind of following, but a fully-engaged, all-consuming kind