27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

BREATH OF LIFE By Lucinda M. Vardey It is fortuitous that the readings this Sunday very much mirror what we know of the patron of ecology and animals, St. Francis of Assisi (whose feast it also is today). As a young man Francis transformed his life

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

WHAT'S AT STAKE  By John Dalla Costa A few short days ago – on September 25th – the United Nations made a truly prophetic pronouncement, with its second set of Millennial Development Goals, called “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” World leaders committed governments to 17 objectives, including:

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

WHAT IS IT ABOUT CHILDREN? By Leanna Cappiello I want to focus on one very simple yet profound statement that Jesus makes in the Gospel today, “Whoever wants to be the first must be the last of all and servant of all.” What can we cultivate from

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

LIVING OUT OUR HISTORY By Fr. Chris Valka, CSB For those who have been around St. Basil’s for a while, you know there have been a great many changes over the last two years. I want to reiterate my gratitude once again for your support and willingness,

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

REAL LABOUR = REAL HEALING By: Leanna Cappiello I wonder what it must have been like to bear first-hand witness to the miracles of Jesus. Imagine seeing a mute man speak and a blind man see, simply by a touch and a whisper. I can hardly blame

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

LANGUAGE MATTERS By Fr. Chris Valka, CSB In our Gospel this weekend, we come to the end of John’s account of Jesus’ teaching on the “Bread of Life.” We are reminded that language is so very important. Just as the words of Jesus bring life to those

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

THE AWAKENING ECHO By:  John Dalla Costa It makes my heart smile to ponder today's reading from Paul. Before the big bang boomed, before atoms fused, galaxies constellated, or molecules formed, God knew each and every one of us, and chose us in Christ. Paul was a

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“DAUGHTER, YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WELL” By Leanna Cappiello You may have noticed that there is a “short version” and an “extended version” of today’s Gospel. Whether or not you hear this extended version at Mass today, take a quick look at Mark 5:21-43. The shortened gospel

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A FATHER’S TRUST By Fr. Chris Valka, CSB Our readings for this weekend are centered around our ability to trust God, especially when times get tough. Our first reading finds Job in the middle of his dialogue with God. In response to Job’s accusatory questions, God reminds

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

THE SMALLEST OF SEEDS By Tina Sibbald The connections between Ezekiel, Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians, and Mark’s Gospel were not immediately evident to this brand new Catholic, but, on closer examination, they have worked together to inspire in me both wonder, and an understanding of God’s