The Fifth Sunday of Easter

DISCERNING GOD’S MOVEMENT OF THE HEART By Emily VanBerkum From the first reading, it is clear that Paul and Barnabas were busy missionaries, creating what John described as a “home for God among humans.” But what motivated this missionary activity- and fertile soil in which the

Third Sunday of Easter

THE NEW NORMAL By:  John Dalla Costa Often, the opposite of faith is not doubt, but normalcy. We see this in today’s scriptures. The elders and leaders in Jerusalem are eager to get all this Jesus-mess behind them. They want to restore the social order that existed

Fourth Sunday of Easter

OBEDIENCE by Lucinda M. Vardey One of the necessary commitments to leading a holy life is obedience. In a religious order obedience to one’s superiors is central to the health and stability of the community and the growth and freedom of its members.   But what about the rest

Second Sunday in Easter

THE DIVINE STORY THAT KEEPS US HUMAN By Leanna Cappiello I was standing in the vestibule on Easter Sunday after celebrating Mass, looking out at all the smiling faces, hearing even more laughter than the usual. Everyone was radiating joy. We are part of a vibrant community as

Easter Sunday 2016

THE ART OF CELEBRATION By Fr. Chris Valka, CSB Today (Easter Sunday) marks the defining moment of our faith, our Church, our parish and our lives. Nothing is the same after the resurrection. Christ’s triumph is what separates Christianity from all other religions. Look closely at any

Palm Sunday 2016

A WEEK OF QUESTIONS By Fr. Chris Valka, CSB I have always thought that, spiritually speaking, we are at a disadvantage this week. We know how this week ends, which seems to take away much of the passion it contains. The challenge for each of us, then,

Fifth Sunday in Lent

IN THE DEEP END OF THE POOL By Tina Sibbald Someone famous does something wrong, and suddenly everyone is throwing around the line “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I’m bemused when people cherry pick Bible verses to be used for their

Fourth Sunday in Lent

A TIME OF RECONCILIATION By Elizabeth Chesley-Jewell On this Fourth Sunday of Lent we are presented with the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Lent is a time of reconciliation, where we have the opportunity to repair what has been broken in our relationships so that we

Third Sunday in Lent

CALLED TO BEAR GOOD FRUIT By Emily VanBerkum In the summer of 2013, I studied Hebrew and the Book of Leviticus in Israel. As we were reading through various Torah commentaries, I found a quote that has stayed with me ever since. The commentary stated, “while God

2nd Sunday in Lent

THE BODY OF HIS GLORY By Lucinda M. Vardey As we contemplate scripture through the liturgical year many biblical characters are brought to life in their circumstances, their actions and experiences of God. They, like us, all have a part in the story of God’s redemption.