Serving the Poor and the Call to Holiness

Serving the Poor and the Call to Holiness By Michael Pirri Following the canonization of 7 new saints last week, Pope Francis remarked “The world needs saints, and all of us, without exception, are called to holiness. We are not afraid!” It’s easy for us to distinguish

Renew the face of the Earth

Renew the face of the Earth by Michael Pirri The word “Pentecost” is derived from the greek word for fiftieth; today marks the fiftieth, and last, day of Eastertide. It’s also known as Whitsunday from “White Sunday”, in reference to the Solemnity being a day where traditionally,

Use it or Lose it

Use it or lose it by Michael Pirri Every time I meet with an individual who is interested in volunteering, I start out by getting to know what they like doing in their spare time. What is it that they are passionate about, or that they enjoy


Fruit of the Vine by Michael Pirri In last week’s Gospel reading, we heard the parable of the man with two sons, both of whom get sent out to work in the vineyard. Again, in the first reading and psalm today, we hear about the vineyard.