23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

REAL LABOUR = REAL HEALING By: Leanna Cappiello I wonder what it must have been like to bear first-hand witness to the miracles of Jesus. Imagine seeing a mute man speak and a blind man see, simply by a touch and a whisper. I can hardly blame

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“DAUGHTER, YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WELL” By Leanna Cappiello You may have noticed that there is a “short version” and an “extended version” of today’s Gospel. Whether or not you hear this extended version at Mass today, take a quick look at Mark 5:21-43. The shortened gospel

Sixth Sunday in Easter

IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ULTIMATE LOVER By Leanna Cappiello There is no doubt that the word “love” is over-used in our society today. We liberally toss the word around, “I love that decor,” “I love a good cigar,” “I am in love with this country!” If

The Passion of Our Lord (Palm Sunday)

THE DRAMA OF THE PASSION By Leanna Cappiello As a young girl, seeming our Lord’s Passion enacted in front of us was my favourite part of Palm Sunday Mass. Experiencing the break in ritual to tell a compelling story. Every year, I would notice something different. And if what

First Sunday in Lent

WHY? By Leanna Cappiello Why do we fast, pray and give during Lent?  It is not so much about what we are fasting from, but why we are fasting in the first place. 1.  To imitate Jesus. We look to Jesus for radical living. Stories told of him

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

LEARNING TO WALK ON WATER If you had been in Peter’s position, would you have walked out on the water to meet Jesus? Each Disciple struggled in his own way to “follow”. Jesus didn’t just demand a maybe-someday, half-hearted kind of following, but a fully-engaged, all-consuming kind