Second Sunday of Easter

By: Marilena Berardinelli Today’s gospel recounts two events in the life of the Risen Jesus. The first event is Jesus’ appearance to the majority of his disciples, where he offers them peace, he breathes upon them his Spirit and he speaks to them saying, “If you

Easter Sunday

By: Fr. Morgan V. Rice, CSB The Gospel that we heard this afternoon is the Gospel that I proclaimed last night at the Easter Vigil here in St. Basil’s Church with three other priests present. It was a very different liturgy since the people and so

Palm Sunday

As I often like to do when I am preaching on Sundays, I like to take into account the context of the readings that we hear, and I would like to start by considering what comes shortly before the gospel passage of Jesus’ entry into

Lent V

Today’s Gospel story of the death of Lazarus is a very touching and relevant one for us  as we live through the covid-19 global health crisis.  Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary were friends of Jesus.  Jesus had visited their home and  eaten at their table. When Lazarus falls seriously ill his sisters sent word to Jesus asking him to come and heal their brother. For a number of reasons Jesus didn’t immediately go to

Lent IV

Reflection for March 22, 2020 Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you! We certainly need it as we face the deprivation of some of the important things that sustain us and as we find