Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


By Tina Sibbald

In 1 Corinthians, Paul appeals to the people to be in agreement and not allow divisions among themselves. At first glance, one might think he is advocating for an opinion-free body, devoid of free will. But when one thinks about the church, there are countless examples of divergent opinions and fracturing through the ages – that’s how we ended up with Catholicism and Protestantism.

There are countless ideas around liturgy, interpretations of the Word, and Tradition. And yet as we experience the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we are called to focus our attention on what unties us in the life of Christ. Christ’s sacrifice unites us and through our baptism and participation in the Eucharist, we are oriented to God in the hope of eternal life.

We as the Body of Christ stand for equity, and we must always strive to emulate Christ’s love even as imperfect people in today’s world. We don’t simply attend church; we ARE the church. Given the current political and cultural “divide and conquer” attitudes that jarringly pervade many aspects of our lives, there is great comfort in being part of the body of Christ!

Sunday’s Readings:

Isaiah 9.1-4 1

Corinthians 1.10-13, 17-18

Matthew 4.12-23