The Lenten Journey… One Day at a Time

The Lenten Journey… One Day at a Time By Kevin Kelly, SJ Last Sunday our focus was on temptation: how Jesus overcomes his temptations in the desert; how Adam and Eve failed to overcome theirs; and how we must better understand and recognize our own if we are to face them and turn them over to God. Now that we are into our full Lenten stride, we might be struggling to adhere to the promises we made, feeling overwhelmed by old and maybe new temptations, and beginning to doubt our ability to face the things that need transformation in our lives. Today, we experience Jesus’ Transfiguration. Our readings provide hope for us just when we might be starting to lose it. They encourage us to take one day at a time… to face our challenges and desire to chance and grow not all at once, but bit by bit. In the reading from Genesis, Abram is told to leave everything behind and build “a great nation”. Even though God assures him that God will be with him, Abram must have felt overwhelmed. However, jumping to the end of the story, we know Abram learns to trust and do God’s will. In the Epistle, we see both Paul and Timothy facing their own struggles: Paul is aging and in prison and Timothy is being challenged to accept God’s call to be a leader in the Church. Taking on leadership and growing old are real challenges that must be faced and accepted over time, through prayer and God’s grace. Finally, we see the disciples completely overwhelmed, watching Jesus, the man with whom they have put their faith, their trust and their lives, transfigured before them. It must have been terrifying; they don’t know how to respond. Jesus tells them to keep it to themselves, to go slowly, to trust that, with time, they will come to understand who he is and what he will call them to do. That’s what Jesus encourages us to do too: to be patient, to be gentle with ourselves, and to go slowly… trusting that he will carry us along if we turn our lives over to him. Sunday’s Readings: Genesis 12.1-4 Psalm 33 2 Timothy 1.8-10 Matthew 17.1-9