The Ellard Family’s Connection to St. Basil’s

CONTRIBUTED BY JAMES ELLARD The Ellard family has had many milestone experiences here at St. Basil’s. Hugh Ellard and Mary Anne Butler married on September 10, 1890 in St. Basil’s Roman Catholic Church. Four of Hugh and Mary’s children entered religious life. Archbishop Neil McNeil ordained both Fr. Hugh Ellard (on May 29, 1920) and Fr. Basil S. Ellard (on June 2, 1928) in St. Basil’s. Their sister, Cornelia Ellard (later known as Sister Hugh), entered Our Lady of Charity Monastery on November 21, 1926. Another sister, Helen Ellard (later known as Sister Consolata), joined the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary on August 2, 1939. Today, for over eighteen years, James and Isabella Ellard remain dedicated parishioners at St. Basil’s and hope to continue their family’s long association with this community.

Sage Story (Fr. Ellard)

Rev. Basil S. Ellard


Sr. Consolata Ellard, I.B.V.M.