Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity


By Leanna Cappiello

Last week we celebrated Pentecost, when we relive the New Testament narrative when Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit onto the Apostles, inspiring them with the gifts of wisdom, understanding, right judgment, courage, knowledge, piety, and reverence. This narrative is alive in us today. This week we celebrate Trinity Sunday: the divine mystery of the three persons in one God. Perhaps the most mysterious of the three persons is the Holy Spirit and its crucial role. And many of us, though blessed with the same gifts as the apostles, still have trouble with the mystery of how these gifts are lived in our “ordinary time”.

In order to explore this fully, we must fully immerse ourselves in the very nature of the Trinity: relationship. I believe the mystery of God is deeply rooted in the mystery of human relationship and wholehearted community. That is to say, that the way we are with each other reveals a great deal about where we’re at with God. We cannot live a fulfilling life in total isolation, nor are we designed to. Though meaningful solitude is a signifier of healthy self-awareness, God does not mean for us to be perpetually alone and lonely. Truly, we are in our best state when we are joyful in each other’s company. There will most certainly be messy, complicated and uncomfortable things about entrusting yourself to others, but it is what God is asking of us! Welcoming the stranger is an act of justice and charity.

Inviting those who were once strangers and are now friends into relationship is an act of love. These Gifts of the Holy Spiriut are exercised most practically when we choose to be with each other in relationship, like the Trinity itself. By volunteering our time, lending our time to others, visiting the sick, committing to a community outreach program, lingering a little longer after Mass, or even conversing in the line up to get your morning coffee – you are allowing the Holy Spirit to surprise you, influence you, and act through you.

Sunday’s Readings: Proverbs 8.22-31; Romans 5.1-5; John 16.12-15