Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul


by Lucinda M. Vardey

Saints Peter and Paul have left us numerous gifts of direction, knowledge, understanding and hope. One of these gifts is Peter’s acknowledgment of the fullness of who Jesus is “..the Christ, the Son of the living God.”Jesus responds that this revelation was not personally contributed by Peter but was guided by “my Father in heaven.”   In other words, we do not come to the wisdom of truth by ourselves: we are led by the Holy Spirit in ways that are sometimes simple, sometimes awe-inspiring and sometimes plain miraculous.

There is much evidence in scripture of when the invisible makes visible the powers that are there to help us. These come not necessarily through magnificent events, such as Peter’s release from jail, but by subtle, frequently small signs and experiences that break through when least expected.   Angels in the guise of strangers are known to visit when the need is greatest- as when Elijah saved a starving widow’s life by sharing a few cakes of oatmeal.

The faith of our saints provide us with many examples of when God’s invisible hand touches our material reality.   St. Teresa of Avila professed that she frequently found God present “among the pots and pans,”of daily activities.   Like Paul’s claim of the continual presence of Jesus who “stood by me and gave me strength”such can be our assurance.   Peter and Paul show us what is indeed possible when you wholeheartedly believe that “Jesus is the Master of the Impossible.”(Bl Charles de Foucauld).