Solemnity of Christ the King


I have to admit that I usually find the Solemnity of Christ the King a bit too triumphalistic for my taste; however, this year, I just adore the readings the accompany this celebration.

Our first reading comforts us with a promise that the Lord God will tend to the sheep of the flock – all of them: the scattered sheep; the lost sheep; the sheep in need of rescue; the sheep longing for a pasture.  The lost will be found. The strayed will be brought back. The injured will be bound. And the sick will be healed.

In the tender care of the Lord God, our shepherd, everyone will find rest.

BUT. . . our Gospel reminds us that, before we rest, there is work to be done. Just as God has done for us, so we are do to for others; for it is the only way we will save our soul.

Why? Because in doing so, we will learn how to see the world as it is seen from the Heavens.   Those you once thought worthless, will now seem worthy – worthy of your care; worthy of your visit; worthy of your drink; of your food; of your clothing – worthy of saving.

As we care for those around us, we fulfill our own charism to be priest, prophet and king – according to our baptism. We are a priest when we serve as mediator and offer sacrifices of our time, resources and person. We are prophets when we witness God’s word among us. We are kings when we serve and protect those in our care.

Most certainly we will fall short of such a great commission, but we take comfort in knowing that God does not ask us to be successful in our attempt; only that we be faithful to it. May we always have the grace to do so.