Sixth Sunday of Easter


By Lucinda M. Vardey

In today’s gospel Jesus teaches us how a commitment to a loving relationship with the Trinity offers us the opportunity to experience the inner presence of God. This presence is made possible by the Divine embrace between him and the Father and the “Spirit of Truth.”Through loving Jesus and practising his commandments of loving God and others we become, as it were, united with the workings of Divine Love.

Mystics in our Church have written about how the Trinity abiding within expresses itself. God’s seed, already residing in their hearts (ref: 1 John 3:9) is awakened by a commitment to total surrendered love. Slowly – and sometimes painfully – the seed sprouts as it purifies and makes ready for the blossoms that bring forth fulfillment. Jesus assured that “Those who live in me and I in them will bear much fruit.”(John l5:5)

The opening of our inner selves for the awakening of the indwelling Trinity is beyond description because it is only felt by experience.   Jesus doesn’t always predict outcomes but he does direct the entry points. John explains that we already know that Jesus “abides in us, by the Spirit that he has given us”(l John 3:22) the Spirit bestowed through the sacraments and ignited by our willingness to obey its directives.

To mature in a loving relationship with God can hardly happen through our own intentions, or even our efforts. The love that God awakens within us with the gifts of peace, joy and wisdom, are bestowed by the flow of the Holy Spirit.

French Carmelite, Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity came to her understanding of the experience of the love of God as something to be received. She wrote, “Let Yourself be Loved.”   This letting God’s love happen by surrendering ourselves in total consecration starts the process of abiding.   Therein we find “the heaven of our soul”which St. Thérèse of Lisieux described as “made to His image, the living temple of the adorable Trinity!”