Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


By Elizabeth Chesley-Jewell

In the gospel this week we encounter the faith of Mary, the mother of Jesus. While both of them are attending a wedding in Cana Mary notices that the wine has run out. She knows that her son has the ability to help the bride and groom. Jesus tells her that his “hour has not yet come” but she turns to the servants and instructs them to, “Do whatever he tells you.” She not only knows that he can perform a miracle and supply the couple with wine but, most importantly, she knows that he will. She has the outmost faith that her son, the Son of God WILL aid those in need.

Mary is a model of faith for all believers in Jesus Christ. We begin this season of ordinary time with the events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ still fresh in our minds. From the moment the angel spoke to Mary saying, “Do not be afraid Mary,” we see her put all of her faith in God. She had multiple reasons to say no and yet she freely accepted all God had in store for her. Even after her son was born, when her and Joseph presented him in the temple, she received the startling prophecy that a sword will pierce her own heart. Mary answered the call time and time again to have faith in the will of God. Her trust in God is what enabled all of us to be saved. The first public miracle that she urged her son to perform set much in motion.

We all know that having a bar run dry at a wedding is, frankly, devastating (especially to the guests). But this gospel story points beyond that. The wine is anything that has run out in our lives. It is anything that leaves us on our knees, begging for help. When we do not know where to go or what to do and the path ahead is so unclear. Like Mary, we need to have faith that God will provide for us. But we also have to accept that it may not look the way we want it to. Jesus’ “my hour has not yet come,” is our call to accept God’s will when God wills it. We need to be patient and steadfast in our faith in God and that we will be provided with exactly what we need.

About the Image:  The Marriage at Cana by Goitto (1304)