Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


By John Dalla Costa

Time is short.

Everything is at stake.

Change begins right now, this very moment.

Later is too late.

That’s because nothing we do is neutral.

Even the smallest actions bear the biggest consequences.

Mary’s “yes” was instantaneous in real time.

So too the fishermen leaving their nets on the spot to become Apostles.

Turns taken in the blink of an eye turned out to transform everything.


The prophets know that no time can be wasted.

Every second is precious: every hand is needed to make a difference.

Time’s up, said Jonah. Time’s short, said Paul. Time is now, said Jesus. “Repent.”


Why demand so much?

Because truth is all or nothing.

Why such impractical impatience?

Because such is the urgency of love.


Nineveh is in our neighbourhood. Can’t you see it?

Loneliness camouflaged by busyness;

Poverty, and illness, and exclusion, whitewashed by bright lights;

Gridlocked streets crowded with gridlocked hearts.


Nineveh is in us. Don’t you feel it?

Longing to be seen, and heard, and to belong;

Aching to have gifts and talents recognized;

Questions of meaning that consumption or career can’t answer.


“Repent” means to turn.

To turn back to the grace-filled sources for spiritual learning.

To turn up ready to attend to God’s loving bidding.

To turn on that which we have the capacity to become.

To turn to one another for solace, consolation, support.


Start now. Because later in God’s plan is simply too late.