Second Sunday in Easter


By Leanna Cappiello

I was standing in the vestibule on Easter Sunday after celebrating Mass, looking out at all the smiling faces, hearing even more laughter than the usual. Everyone was radiating joy.

We are part of a vibrant community as it is, but to see the truest exuberance that comes with Easter was the best gift after a satisfying, exhausting (and always worthwhile) Holy Week.

Some of us have celebrated Easter for many years (like myself), and some have had their first Easter as a Catholic (congrats, RCIA Candidates!) I have heard the Passion readings backwards and forwards every year for my entire life…

So why do we tell the same story every year?

Just as there is new insight after hearing the same family story, there is a certain “newness” every time we hear the story about Christ’s life, death and resurrection. It is a story that enlivens us as Christians. We are living beings, who change and evolve with time and experience. The Word is also living, and lives with us and in us. In times of difficulty, it reminds us of what is important. In times of triumph, it energizes us and sends us on a journey. Our solemnity and celebration are aligned with the arc of the Passion, and renews our path to peace.

A heartfelt thank you for bringing the story to life in our community this year.

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