There are generally two types of Wedding Programs:

  1. Souvenir Program– This basic program highlights the general order of the wedding liturgy. It lists such items such as Scripture titles and music selections, as well as providing the names of the members of the wedding party, and other liturgy participants (presider, musicians, lectors etc.)This type of wedding program may also include descriptions of cultural particularities in the liturgy or items that are outside the scope of the liturgy (e.g. pictures, biographical portraits of the members of your wedding party, reception directions etc.). The format of this style of program is left to the imagination of the bride and groom.These programs are most appropriate in instances when the majority of the assembly is very familiar with the Roman Catholic Liturgy.
  2. Participatory Program- This program is much more detailed. In addition to including all those items found in a “Souvenir Program” this program also comprises all the assembly responses. The goal of this type of program is to assist the bride and groom’s family and friends in being full and active participants in the wedding liturgy.These programs are most appropriate in instances when a significant portion of the assembly is not familiar with the Roman Catholic Liturgy.

Like all wedding programs the design (format, graphics, font, paper type etc) and other particularities are determined by the preferences of the bride and groom. However, when designing a participatory program please consult the following links:



For more information please contact your assigned wedding coordinator.