Many couples have been “preparing” for marriage for years already – your conversations, dates, meeting of friends and family, and simply quietly sitting with each other – all of this is preparation for a lifelong marriage.

At St. Basil’s, we begin with your experience.

Many programs focus exclusively on aspects of your daily living:  conflict management, communication, finances, and the like; and though we do address these topics, these subjects are not our sole or primary focus.

Instead, our focus is to deepen your faith and offer some insight about how to share that faith with each other so that you may both grow in your relationship with God and the Church through your relationship with each other.


The general expectation is that couples getting married at St. Basil’s will enroll in the Marriage Preparation course at the Parish. However, if the session dates pose a scheduling conflict, alternate arrangements can be considered.

The course is also open to couples getting married in the Roman Catholic tradition, but who will celebrate the Rite of Marriage in another parish (in Canada or abroad).

Confirmation of registration or inquiries can be addressed to the Director of Family Ministries (Marilena Berardinelli):


The fee for the Marriage Preparation Course session is $250, payable by cash or cheque. Cheques can be addressed to: St. Basil’s Catholic Parish.

Couples getting married at St. Basil’s can make their payment the evening of the first registered session.

Couples not getting married at St. Basil’s must make their payment upon registering. Cheques can be mailed to St. Basil’s (or dropped off at the main office) to the attention of the Director of Family Ministry: Marilena Berardinelli. Reception of payment is required to secure placement in the course.


St. Basil’s offers three Marriage Preparation sessions (Fall, Winter and Spring). Each session consists of 6 classes. Couples must be present at all 6 classes in order to receive a certificate of completion.

FALL 2019

Tuesday  November 5 (7:00-9:00 PM)

Tuesday November 12

Tuesday November 19

Tuesday November 26

Tuesday December 3

Tuesday December 11


Tuesday January 7 (7:00-9:00 PM)

Tuesday January 14

Tuesday January 21

Tuesday January 28

Tuesday February 4

Tuesday February 11


Tuesday February  25 (7:00-9:00 PM)

Tuesday March 3

Tuesday March 10

Tuesday March 17

Tuesday March 24

Tuesday March 31