Use the following guide to help in making your selection:

  • The First Reading usually comes from the list of Old Testament readings.
  • The Psalm is usually sung with a response from the congregation between each verse. We have shown the selected psalms in their entirety. The responsorial version of the psalm that would be used at the mass would be taken from an appropriate hymnbook.
  • The Second Reading is usually selected from the list of New Testament readings, other than the Gospel.
  • The Gospel is read by the priest/celebrant but the First and Second readings would normally be read by family members or friends of the deceased.
  • Especially in smaller funerals, one reading may be chosen, either from the Old or New Testament, to be read alongside the Gospel and Responsorial Psalm.
  • You may find it helpful to fill out the attached PLANNING FORM to help you communicate your wishes with the parish.