Opening Prayer (by the priest)

Example 1: God of Hope and Consolation

Dear friends, let us now turn to the lord,
the God of hope and consolation
who calls us to the everlasting glory in Christ Jesus.

Example 2: Let Us Join with One Another

My dear friends,
let us join with one another in praying to God,
not only for our departed brother/sister (Name),
but also for the Church, for peace in the world and ourselves.

Example 3: Christ the Intercessor

My brothers and sisters,
Jesus Christ is risen from the dead
and sits at the right hand of the Father,
where He intercedes for us.
Confident that God hears the voice
of those who trust in Jesus, we join our prayers to His.

Example 4: We Thank God for Life

My dear friends,
as we thank God for the gift of                       ’s life,
and for the dedication and love he/she has shown to all those whose lives he/she has touched,
we turn to our loving God and place our needs before you.

Petition theme:  For the Church and its Leaders

(Choose one)

Example 1: For Bishops and Priests of the Church

For the Bishops and Priests of the Church and all who spread the Good News; may they be given the strength to express in action the word they proclaim; we pray. . .

Example 2: The Church and its Teachings

For the Church and its teachings on life both here and hereafter. May this be seen as a continuation of the Promise of Jesus that He will give life to the full in the Kingdom of His Father; we pray. . .

Example 3: Leaders Open to the Signs of the Times

For all Religious Leaders and Ministers; may they be open to the signs of the times to exercise a ministry of humble service to God’s people; we pray. . .

Petition theme:  For the Recently Deceased

(Choose one)

Example 1: So Dearly Loved

For ________ who was so dearly loved by her/his family and many friends.  As she was loved by you, Lord, may he/she enter into eternal life with You; we pray. . .

Example 2: Thank You for their Gift

Today we entrust _________into Your loving care.  We thank You for the gift of her/his life and          her/his love for us all.  Welcome her/him now into Your heavenly home where he/she will know peace and happiness forever; we pray. . .

Example 3: Welcome Them

Lord, You raised the dead to life; welcome our brother/sister                              into Your Eternal Kingdom; we pray. . .

Petition theme:  For the Family

(Choose one)

Example 1: Help Us to Accept Death

Lord, help us to accept ___________’s death and find comfort in knowing she/he is at peace in Your care; we pray. . .

Example 2: Comforted in Grief

For the family and friends of                                , that they may be comforted in their grief; we pray. . .

Example 3: Watch Over Us

We ask You to watch over the family and friends who loved                         and give them the strength to continue to live by his/her example with love and kindness he/she gave to the family; we pray. . .

Petition theme:  For those Present

(Choose one)

Example 1: Gathered in God’s Kingdom

For all of us assembled here today to worship in faith, that we may all one day be gathered in God’s Eternal Kingdom; we pray. . .

Example 2: Not to take the simple pleasures for granted

That                 ‘s immense strength and courage help all that knew her/him to draw inspiration and not take for granted the simple pleasures of life; we pray. . .

Example 3: Unfailing Faith and Integrity

That all who had the privilege of knowing                       will be inspired by his/her unfailing faith and integrity and may come to a greater understanding of their own faith; we pray. . .

Petition theme:  For Caregivers

(Choose one)

Example 1: Those in a Hospital

For the medical and nursing staff of the                                              who cared for __________and we all ask you Lord to continue to guide them in their work; we pray. . .

Example 2: Those in Family

For all those who have cared for                            ; especially                    ; may their devotion and care be justly rewarded; we pray. . .

Example 3: General Care

For all those who cared for           ____during his/her illness. May their devotion to                               ‘s care be rewarded through your loving ways; we pray. . .

Concluding Prayer (by the priest)

Example 1: In the Ressurection

Lord God, in the resurrection of your Son,
You have shown us that life is stronger than death.
Support us as we travel towards You on our
pilgrim journey and bring us one day to the
fullness of life.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Example 2: God our shelter and strength

God our shelter and strength,
you listen in love to the cry of your people;
hear the prayers we offer for our departed
brother/sister (Name) and grant
him/her the fullness of redemption.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Example 3: Listen to the cry of your people

Loving God,
you listen in love to the cry of your people,
hear the prayers we offer for (Name),
look on her/him with Your Infinite Love
and bring her/him to the fullness of life.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.