Confirmation is the sacrament that completes a child’s initiation into the church with rites to strengthen them for their adult faith journey. With confirmation we accept our mission to live and proclaim the Word of God. Children are normally prepared for Confirmation no earlier than age 13 and confirmation classes follow the school year cycle. Children and their parents participate in instruction classes in preparation for the sacrament and are normally confirmed at the Easter Vigil mass.

Unbaptized adults or baptized adults from other Christian churches participate in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.), a formal process that is universal in the Roman Catholic Church. Our parish offers the possibility of year-round entry into the process. Depending on the particular background and readiness of catechumens and candidates, some may be baptized, and/or confirmed, and communed at the Easter Vigil Mass, while others may be welcomed into the church at other times. Baptized Roman Catholics who have celebrated First Communion and First Reconciliation but never received the sacrament of Confirmation are welcome to approach us year round for preparation individually, or in small groups. The timing of Confirmation will then reflect the time required for individual preparation for the sacrament.

Individuals interested in Confirmation should contact the parish office for more information.