Baptism is the Sacrament through which a person becomes a Christian. In the Roman Catholic Church, children are usually baptized as infants. In such instances, parents and godparents are to participate in a baptism preparation class to learn how to live their responsibility in helping the child grow in the faith.

Older children (7+) and adults who have not been baptized as infants can also receive the sacrament. Parents of older children should contact Marilena Berardinelli– Director of Family Ministry for details:

Adults who wish to be baptized are invited to participate in our R.C.I.A. program (Rite of Christian Initiation).  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a baptismal preparation class?  

A: A baptismal preparation class offers an overview of our threefold baptismal call as priest, prophet and king and explores the role and responsibilities of parents and godparents in raising a child in the Catholic faith. We also walk through the parts of the baptismal rite and explain the theology of the rite’s language and symbolism.

Q: When and where does the class take place?

Classes are from 10:00am to 12:00pm, in the Gabriel Room (located adjacent to the large Parish Hall). We invite you to arrive at 9:45am for sign-in, payment, and refreshments.

Please note: During the current pandemic, classes will be held online (ZOOM). 

Please contact our parish office at (416) 926-7110 to find out when our next class is taking place.

Q: What is the cost for class?

There is a $80.00 registration fee for this class (which can be made payable on the day of the class in either cash or cheque made out to “St. Basil’s Parish”).

Q: Who can enrol?

Any parent or godparent who is preparing their child for baptism- regardless of the church or country where the child is being baptized – can enrol in the course.

Please note: During the current pandemic, only parents (and godparents) having a child baptized at St. Basil’s can enrol. 

Q: Do both parents need to attend the baptismal preparation class?

A: Yes, both parents must attend the class. You are welcome to bring children and infants to our class.

Q: If I have taken the baptismal preparation class before at St. Basil’s or another parish, do I need to take it again?

A: If you have attended a class at St. Basil’s after 2014 you will not have to attend again. However, if you have not attended a class at St. Basil’s than your participation is required.

Q: When are baptisms offered?

A: At St. Basil’s baptisms occur during regularly scheduled weekend Masses (Saturday 5:00pm; Sunday 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, or 4:30pm). The date of the baptism is only confirmed upon completion of our baptism preparation class.

Please note: During the current pandemic, baptisms occur outside regularly scheduled weekend Masses. 

For all inquires regarding booking a baptism at St. Basil’s, please contact our Office Manager: Margaret D’Elia.

To enrol in our baptism preparation course, you can contact the parish office or complete the form below.