Responding to God’s Call

Responding to God’s Call
by Lucinda M. Vardey

As we enter more fully into the New Year, and settle into what the Church calls “Ordinary Time” we are given the opportunity to hone our prayer life and begin again with God.

God can call us at any time. In fact, it is usually within the regular everyday activities of ordinary life that this happens. God’s call is rarely delivered like a flash of lightning, or a thunderbolt. Jesus often negated others’ requests for miraculous signs to prove his messianic kingship, by emphasizing instead the centrality of personal faith.

Jesus exemplified that perfect symmetry of relationship with God, that of doing, above all, the will of God, the purpose of every believer’s life.

As we read in the book of Samuel, God calls more than once. We may not hear it as directly as the prophet, because God invites in a variety of ways. Some of us hear God’s voice in our emotions, our feelings, a deep sense of what we are to do: others find God’s calling through their service, a slow revealing of direction within the sharing of their talents and gifts. Others, like the sick and suffering – or like Samuel himself – may be lying on their beds: some may be alone on a street, or in a park, some may be on their way to a football game (as our former pastor, Fr. Ken Decker was doing when called to his vocation to the priesthood).

Many of us are afraid to take risks, but it almost goes without saying that God’s call requires them. Let us begin again to follow the Lord’s directive by stepping away from the sidelines of pondering with maybe some fear, to acting with trust and confidence as Samuel did. May we be ready to do whatever we are asked by uttering the prayer, “Here I am, speak, Lord for your servant is listening.”

Sunday’s Readings:
1 Samuel 3.3b-10, 19
Psalm 40
1 Corinthians 6.13c-15a, 17-20
John 1.35-42