2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Unbeknownst to You

The wedding at Cana — arguably one of the most famous moments that Jesus performs a miracle. What is so very interesting is that the bride and groom seem to have little-to-no knowledge of the impending crisis that is running out of wine at your wedding. The Gospel reading begins with an odd interaction — Jesus addresses his mother as “Woman” (try that at home!). You can almost feel Mary’s eye-roll jump out in response; but she simply gives instructions to the servants: do as Jesus says. This is a wonderfully human on both the part of Mary and of Jesus. Unbeknownst to the bride or groom, Jesus works behind the scenes to have the jars filled. Unbeknownst to the servants, the water is transformed into wine for the chief steward. These moments are put into action at Mary’s prompting – a need is being expressed, and Jesus responds to his mother’s call. Our second reading, from Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians reminds us that we each serve a purpose—each of us with our unique gifts, contributors to the whole in a specific way. It would have been easy for Jesus to perform the miracle on his own, he didn’t need the servants to fill the jugs, and he didn’t need them to haul the jugs over to the steward for him to taste the wine. He could have easily just filled them with wine and then not told anyone. As always, Jesus brings to light the need for each of us, especially the servants, to have a place, for each of us to serve a purpose. Recalling the first two readings for today, we can see the very real connection being made between works of faith or mercy, and their fruits, which are aided by Jesus, unbeknownst to us. In what ways do you feel Jesus is working behind the scenes to strengthen our faith through our gifts?

Sunday’s Readings:

Isaiah 62.1-5

Psalm 96

1 Corinthians 12.4-11

John 2.1-12