In the 1960’s, platforms were added to the sanctuary of St. Basil’s and covered with carpet.  The space no longer served the community the way it needed to and so in the window between Christmas and Lent 2015, we began to renovate the sanctuary.

The photos indicate that we found a few pieces of the original 1877 clay mosaic floor, but most of it was covered by concrete at some point.  However the large marble slabs leading to the high altar dating to the same period were saved and no grace the space once again.  The new altar is actually not new, but used to be in the church at one point in time.  The altar that has been used since the 1970’s is now in the chapel below.

To preserve the history, the finished curve in the marble where it meets the carpet is the location and curve of the old altar rail (which required people to walk up into the sanctuary for communion).

In addition to new flooring, new lighting was also installed, completing the relighting of the church.

During the renovations, the community worshipped in the crypt chapel below the church for a total of 3.5 weeks.  Our thanks to all the parishioners for their patience; donors for their generosity and many tradesmen who made this space possible.