Palm Sunday 2016


By Fr. Chris Valka, CSB

I have always thought that, spiritually speaking, we are at a disadvantage this week. We know how this week ends, which seems to take away much of the passion it contains. The challenge for each of us, then, is not s imply think about the final days of Jesus’ life this week, but to think of our life in a manner that reflects his.

Our week begins with Palm Sunday – that moment when Jesus and his Apostles enter the city with praise and celebration. How misleading it must have been for the Apostles – how often it is so for us – thinking that our association with Christ will bring honour and joy. How many times do we feel betrayed when our faith doesn’t shield us from our suffering?

I often wonder what those conversations sounded like between Sunday and Thursday night? Did the Apostles start to sense the plan before it unfolded? How did Jesus prepare them or did they spend their days conversing and shopping in the city?

What will we do this Holy Week? Will we take time to reflect on our own life, or will it be business as usual until Thursday evening? What if we were to consider ourselves as one of the Apostles this week – whose life would either end or be dramatically changed at its end? Surely it would change our behaviour.

All I ask is that you take time this week to consider such questions, for this week is not like any other. It is a week, when we are changed and defined – perhaps even redefined; but only if we take time to allow ourselves to enter the story.