Worship — Online!

Saturdays: Faith Sharing

Start your weekends off right – Join us for Faith Sharing on Saturday mornings! It’s an opportunity to hear the Gospel in a new light. Our communal prayer begins with a reading of the Sunday Gospel, and we share our perspectives on its implications for our lives.

As the name implies, THE GATHERING is our main online prayer service. Together we join as a community around a service of the Word with Hymns and music. A reflection offered by guest preachers every week.

Following THE GATHERING, there is a communal coffee hour where you can stay and chat with those gathered. We can’t wait to see you there!

Sunday (9:30am): THE GATHERING
Sunday (10:30am): Live-Streamed Mass

Sunday Mass for the intentions of St. Basil’s Parish community is offered, live-streamed from inside St. Basil’s.