Olga Tolentino

I was one of the parishioners that got displaced because of the renovations at St.Michael’s Cathedral.  The decision to go to St. Basils was not one that I had taken lightly.  Just as I had done at St. Michael’s Cathedral, I chose a church that I would be comfortable to belong to.  I found this at this church.  I remember the first day I came in, Father Chris had welcomed us in the fold.  That made me feel good.

Attending the weekend mass is something that I look forward to every week.  This is the one time that I am able to somehow be grateful for the things that had transpired within that week, and be able to leave all my stress,  and things that I have no control of,  at the foot of the cross.

Listening to a homily, though, is another story for me.  I am one that finds this as something repetitive of the gospel and rather tedious to listen to.  I would close off at this point when this starts.  Actually, my mind wanders until this is done.

I decided at one time to give Father Chris’ homily a chance.  I sat and listened to him one Sunday afternoon. And it did not disappoint. I have, as anyone would say, become a convert.  I have since been listening to all of his homilies and decided as well to check his Re-Verb homilies online.  On a weekly basis, I would listen to one or two homilies of his that have been saved on this site. These have become my spiritual meal for the week. Truly these homilies have transformed me.

Keep up the good work Father Chris.  I am sure that I am just one of your many parishioners that have been inspired by these wonderful homilies.