My St Basil’s Memories

CONTRIBUTED BY CATHY HURST There are a few stories I know about St Basil’s Church. My mother, Agnes Flynn and Mrs. Field were both awarded the Bene Merenti Medal from Pope Pius XII. Mrs. Field was the longtime sacristan who visited St Basil’s every day to look after not only the altar linens, but the vestments and flowers as well. A very outstanding contribution to the parish!

My mother, along with Mother McCabe and Father Diemer (Pastor at that time) started a devotion, called “Priest’s Day.” It was held every 1st Thursday of the month and was followed by a Mass said for vocations to the priesthood. Mother McCabe was superior of the Cenacle sisters, an American based order in North Toronto. My mother would phone numerous families with connections to a priest to get a good attendance. She corresponded with many priests about the Priest Day and was instrumental in getting it started in several other cities in many parts of the world. Papua New Guinea is one I recall.

I remember the McDonough family as a very prominent part of the St Basil’s community. With 11 or 12 children, I remember that Mr. McDonough had made his wealth in gold mining. Mrs. McDonough was a very kind and generous woman who helped many parishioners in need. Our family benefitted from her generosity after my father’s death. Hers was a kindness that I’ve never forgotten. Margaret McDonough, the eldest of the McDonough children, was part of the committee who designed the wood awning type structure over the altar.