Organ of Saint Basil's

Organ of Saint Basil’s

The current organ at Saint Basil’s was installed in 1919 by the organ firm Casavant Frères. It has been modified twice since its initial installation. The first time was in 1962 with additions by the renowned Gabriel Kney. The London-based builder added mixtures on the Récit division and a Chalumeau 4’ on the Positif. It would be another 19 years before the organ was again modified. This time, in 1981, the Toronto-based Alan T. Jackson Co. Ltd. undertook a full tonal revision of the instrument. Currently, the organ has a total of 3,375 pipes and 52 stops.

Click here for the specifications of Casavant Frères Opus 800 (1919) – Revised 1962, 1981.