AICPgives_BG2Q. What is the purpose?

A. To gather food and monetary donations for the social justice ministries at St. Basil’s.  This includes:  St. Vincent de Paul, Out of the Cold, and The Miller Group.

Inspired by the voice of the founder, John Ford, the ministry also gives a voice to the needs of the local community and good work of parishioners as they respond to those needs.  This is done by capturing and sharing stories (as they are appropriate) and conveying those to the parish community.

Q. How often do you gather?

A. On the first Sunday of each month, two volunteers will stand in the vestibule and collect food and donations. There are also two volunteers who pick up the donations and deliver the non-parishables to the food bank on the following Monday.

Q. Are there any requirements or restrictions for volunteering?

A.  A willingness to be here on a Sunday for certain Mass times to collect donations.

Q. How do I get more information?

A. Call Leanna at the parish office:  416-926-7110

Q. I want to volunteer, what do I do next?

A. Call Leanna and set up a time to be present on the next first Sunday!