Basilian Crest

The Basilian Lay Associates hope to respond more fully to our Baptismal call to holiness and service, and to offer support to the Basilian Fathers through prayer, ministry and communal sharing. Each BLA is committed to the Basilian charisms of education and evangelization and share a special relationship with the Basilian community through their prayer and support.

Associates gather once a month for regular gathering of prayer, fellowship and faith development with the Basilian Fathers of the Toronto region. Most often, this occurs on the second Saturday of the Month.

Initially, it is only necessary that a prospective BLA be a committed Catholic to attend gatherings. After attending a few gatherings, an initial interview proceeds a “come and see” period to get to know the group better.

Since membership requires public commitment to the Basilian Way of Life, individuals are asked to pray the Divine Office, meet with a spiritual director on a regular basis and attend a retreat once a year. While these requirements may seem formidable at first, they form the basis for a formal, and official, relationship with the Basilian Fathers.

For more information, please contact Brenda Holz or Nancy Strader