Here at St Basil’s, we are known for our liturgies and opportunities to deepen your prayer life.

In the last year, we have revamped our Marriage Preparation, Baptism, Communion, and RCIA classes. We have transformed the Sanctuary Space, created a Reconciliation Room, and included a specialized Children’s Mass.

Moving forward, we will be to continue creating inspiring worship spaces to capturing the cherished history and modern needs of the Parish. We will be filling the space with more lay-lead liturgies, like Taizé por La Tierra, and will continue programs like Mindful Meditation, Liturgy of the Hours, Contemplative Women of St Anne, and Blessing of the Animals.

If you are interested in serving as a liturgical minister (distributing communion during mass, Proclaiming the Word of God, altar serving, or ushering), joining our Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults team or program as a catechumen, enrolling your family in a baptismal preparation class, or registering for our First Communion or Confirmation class, then I would be delighted to meet you and answer your questions!

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“At the heart of our faith is a belief in the incarnation.  Here our senses are invited to receive the knowledge of God’s grace in a moment.  We are blessed with a beautiful environment in which we hear, smell, touch, see and taste the presence of God in our lives, but being mindful of that is a discipline that takes regular practice.  Here is where we practice together!”

Fr. Chris Valka, CSB