“The family which experiences joy — the joy of life, the joy of faith — is the salt of the earth, and light of the world, the leaven for all of society.” (Pope Francis)


At St. Basil’s we desire to share in the joy of your family as you celebrate the big milestones in your journey through life and faith and we hope to support you in the everyday challenges that will strengthen your encounter with each other and God.

We hope to meet all the members of your family at our next Family Coffee Hour (following the 9m Mass in Macrina Hall). An opportunity, amid coffee and refreshments, for parents to get to know other families in our community and for children to participate in catechetical activities.



November 4, 2018

December 2

January 6, 2019

February 3

March 3

April 7

May 5

June 2

To learn more about our programs please contact our Director of Family Ministry: marilena.berardinelli@utoronto.ca