There is always work to be done around St Basil’s… As a response to the constant need for extra hands, we have assembled our finest on-the-go helpers. By signing up, you will be receiving an occasional email that lists various events, activities, and needs that require a little extra elbow grease. This could include setting-up or tearing-down an event, carrying heavy equipment, stuffing bulletins, selling or baking items for bake sales, cleaning parts of the building, setting up the altar for a new season, etc. The opportunities are as varied as the activities at the parish. Many hands make light work!

This is a noncommittal, occasional volunteer team. Upon receiving an email, you may reply with which tasks you can assist with, based upon your availability. There are no obligatory meeting times, only the listed opportunities that will vary with each season. A good candidate will have elbow grease, a joyful attitude, and a good work ethic! Upon receiving an email, just show up at the designated time and place and be ready to help!

To join the mailing list, email Michael at [email protected]