In early Christianity the atrium was the place where those seeking to become Christian received their catechetical preparation.

In a similar fashion, the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd offers the children an atrium- an environment specifically prepared to nurture the religious life of the child in a manner that meets their developmental, intellectual and spiritual needs.

The atrium is a place where the children come to worship together and to speak and listen to the voice of God.IMG_0013

The Materials  

One of the key features of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is the use of catechetical materials specially designed for children and used by the children to foster meditation and prayer.

The most essential materials are either hand crafted or meticulously chosen to meet the children’s sensory motor abilities and invite their interest.

Meet our crafts people

There are have been a great number of people that have contributed to the preparation of our atrium environment and the materials. Some contributions have been financial and to those who have dedicated their monetary resources we are greatly indebted- many many thanks.

Others have shared their talents. Their expertise has been an invaluable asset to the project. We highlight here a few of our crafts people, in the hopes that others inspired by the Holy Spirit to begin an atrium, have Canadian resources to draw from.