Mariann Dunsmore

This year, 2016, I turned 60 and I found myself more looking back than forward. The other huge reality for me is aging, and looking forward does mean taking seriously that Parable of The Talents from the Gospel of St. Matthew, chapter 25, verses 14-30. This is the dialogue we will all have with God at our death and it is a serious but simple question Jesus asks,”what did you do with the talents I gave you?”

I only moved to Toronto in my 59th year, but that question of Jesus pushed me to knock on Leanna’s door in the St Basil’s Parish Office and ask the simplest of questions, “How can I help?” Leanna has the role of listening to what your personal experiences have been and matching that with the ways the community is living the action of our faith together.

I heard that Fr. Chris and a few other parishioners were attending the Formation sessions for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a work that builds an environment that suits the size and developmental needs of the youngest member of our community, where with the adult, the toddler can live together a religious experience that nurtures joy and falling in love with the source of all love.  As I have already completed all three levels of Formation in this approach to Catechesis, (there is a 6-9 year old and a 9-12 year old component)  and I have been on teams that have built the 3-6 year old Atriums, I started volunteering my experience and talents with this small group of parishioners. We now have the prepared environment, the Atrium, built for the child aged 3 to 6 years here at St. Basils. But like all the other Faith actions here in our community, we need more adults to sustain this ministry that gives the youngest members of our parish a real experience of connection and belonging.

I look forward to being part of a bigger community with anyone whose curiosity is sparked through visiting the Atrium space or coming to Leanna’s door to ask the question, “how can I help?”