June 25: Commissioned to Tell Your Story

As we now settle into the summer months, the Wednesday Night Gatherings have come to a temporary end.  They will resume in the Fall in some capacity, though we are not quite sure how yet.  However, the work continues as each of us where commissioned to tell our own story so that it could be published as one of the Stories of the Sages.  Participants were guided with a few activities, instruction and motivated by Fr. Chris’ own story.

So until next time, here is a little prayer for the storytellers:

Prayer for Storytellers 

Adaptation of the poem by Roger Spiller, 1944

Lord, you call us to be storytellers: planting your good news into our lives.

You call us to be trailblazers: living in your future that we receive only as gift.

You call us to be weavers: tracing, stretching, connecting the knotted threads.

You call us to be fools: bearing life’s absurdities and incongruities.

You call us to be hosts: welcomers of the sacred, intimate, transfiguring.

You call us to be poets: artists and illuminators of inner space.

You call us to be gardeners: benefactors of your harvest.

You call us to be conductors: orchestrating the praise of your creation.

Lord, you lavish gifts on all whom you call.

Strengthen and sustain us and all ministers of your Church, that in the range and diversity of our vocation, we may be co-creators of your kingdom in the world.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,  Amen.