Joan Gregson

I was christened in the Church of England, became a member of the United Church of Canada, confirmed in the Anglican Church after marriage, and finally, accepted into the Catholic Church in 1999.
After leaving my marriage of 41 years I found myself with friends in a Catholic Church in Peterborough. I liked the mass but it was the homily that hit straight to my heart. If spoke directly to me. Something I had never experienced previously. This happened on several occasions.
A few years later my then partner who was an Irish Catholic insisted I come with him to the Newman Centre where Fr Tom Rosica was pastor. Tom’s knowledge of scripture, his intellect, and his powerful speaking abilities made me want to be more a part of the church and so I went to RCIA and after confirmation I volunteered to be a reader, eventually taking on the task of training potential readers and rehearsing readers for the Easter Triduum. In 2002 I began to work for Fr. Tom prior to World Youth Day and subsequently for Salt & Light TV.
Two years ago I became disillusioned at Newman finding myself angry during mass. Not a good emotion to be feeling. And so after attending Our Lady of Lourdes for a short time, I decided to try St. Basil’s.
Although I miss all the friends i had at Newman I am very happy at St. Basil’s. Fr. Chris Valka’s messages through his homilies are intelligent, perceptive, persuasive, often humorous,  and carry the lessons and attitudes we need to adopt if we are to live the lives God intended us to live. 
St. Basil’s makes me feel welcome and I have made a few new friends, and am glad to see some of those from Newman there as well. I feel spiritually renewed and while I will never truly be a Catholic – there are too many years of Protestantism ever to convert me to total and utter belief in all the tenets of the Catholic Church – I enjoy the mass and I feel at home in the pew.