Frank Piddisi

What brings me to the pew is my passion for human solidarity.

Each Sunday I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the sheer desire of people to be in communion with each other. Watching everyone receive Holy Communion brings me to a deep sense that people are intrinsically good. I get the sense that just as there is wisdom in democracy, even if it cannot be understood among competing values, there is a deep spiritual understanding among people that we share in something profoundly bigger than ourselves. The Mass offers a physical, emotional and intellectual safe space for being: for being together, for being in love, for being able to show our love.

The Catholic Church for all its faults remains a place of enlightenment and learning. The many paradoxes of life co-mingle. Perhaps I have been lucky in my experience of what it means to be Catholic. I believe that God is there among all of us when we are assembled to help us become more and more of who we are.