Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time


By Leanna Cappiello

My thoughts have admittedly been lingering on doubt lately. For me, this usually signifies the beginning of the Lenten season. For many of us, doubt could manifest according to our circumstance, our insecurities, even our wounds. I’m glad I can read Luke 5 and know I’m not alone in my doubt – it seems the Apostles Simon and Peter were full of it too! The truth of the matter is that we might doubt our abilities, our future, our jobs, our health, our finances, our family situation… We may give into restlessness or abandon our hope for what’s best. It’s part of being human to fear the unknown, to be exhausted, to be discouraged at times…

It is okay to doubt, but it is not okay to let doubt consume us.

As Lent begins this coming week and as the Year of Mercy is upon us, we as a Parish community will be exploring what Mercy really means by giving an outward voice to Mercy in our everyday lives:

We will be using the prayers from the basket to write the Prayers of the Faithful. We usually bless the intentions with the pieces of paper closed and anonymous. We may write an intention, hoping someone will find our plea and pray with us in spirit. We might even pick up an intention, dedicating ourselves to one prayer per week. But this season, we want these prayers to be heard in a new way: the silent space we created in Advent has made way for a new voice to be heard in Lent. We will also be capturing moments of Mercy on Social Media, using your images, words and encounters for postings.

Should there be a moment when Mercy comes to mind in whatever way speaks to you, capture it, post it, and tag @BasilsToronto (Instagram), @StBasil_TO (Twitter) or St Basil’s Parish, Toronto (Facebook) and include the hashtag #MercyMoment. These are our ways of seeking solidarity in sorrow and partners in peace. Instead of having doubt, fear, and shame reverberate in the shadows of our own minds, let us be vulnerable to one another in hearing the prayers aloud each week.

I hope you will join me in seeking the face of mercy, leaving doubt at the door.

Sunday’s Readings:
Isaiah 6.1-2a, 3-8
1 Corinthians 15.1-11
Luke 5.1-11