Christiane Kokko

It took me days to figure out what my story is — not because I don’t know it but because I want it to inspire others and in particular myself.  I have to admit that the last bump in the road in my life has been challenging to say the least.  A bump that has affected my husband’s health in a significant way making me live in hope that one day he will come back to me as who he is. This adventure comes with its ups and downs – including deep sadness along the way.

Throughout my journey, I learned that making sacrifices for the sake of joy lead to joy itself without regrets and also in looking at life with satisfaction not feeling that sacrifices were actually made. As for church, I have always felt close to God.  Somehow in Quebec City religion is, in a way, part in our culture.  At St. Basil’s, I have a space where I can grow, be supported and importantly inspired.  It helps me hope that this road will get smooth and include joy… always.  This is my story.