Geraldine Ymana

A few years ago, I experienced a pivotal time of change in my relationships and career. When I first moved to Toronto, I struggled to nest and call it home. I deeply desired a sense of community and belonging. So, I began to soul search

Olga Tolentino

I was one of the parishioners that got displaced because of the renovations at St.Michael’s Cathedral.  The decision to go to St. Basils was not one that I had taken lightly.  Just as I had done at St. Michael’s Cathedral, I chose a church that

Dane & Anne McCarthy

Our story begins with our wedding in August 1962. We were a young couple full of hopes and dreams for our future. Fast forward 18 years and 4 children later- we still loved one another but our relationship was bogged down in frustration with time demands,

Christiane Kokko

It took me days to figure out what my story is --- not because I don’t know it but because I want it to inspire others and in particular myself.  I have to admit that the last bump in the road in my life has been

Corazon Bueno

Parishioner since 1993, currently living in North York “When I moved to Toronto, St. Basil’s was one of the first churches I found, and I have been coming ever since. There is a sense of harmony, silence and peace in this place – it draws you